Moor Park´╗┐Young Brains Put to the Test by Wenta's Enterprise Challenge

´╗┐Young brains were challenged last week at Moor Park in Hertfordshire, when Wenta delivered their new Beacon Enterprise challenge to over 100 students from schools across Watford. 

Beacon Enterprise tasks students with various activities which encourage them to use their business skills in order to create an idea for an event. Each team of 5 students was asked to consider a viable idea for an event of their own choice; they were then challenged with a series of decision-making tasks which would help them to create, organise and implement the event. 

 The Beacon Events held at Moor Park were supported by the SAPG (Strategic Area Partnership Group) of South West Herts. Students who won the challenge and do put on their event at their school receive £25 towards the costs of the event and are then eligible to compete in the Winner’s Winner round taking place in October 2011 where students can win £250.

Each team were asked to create an event management name and logo to suit their event idea. They were then required to consider the costs, resources, how many people would attend and appropriate marketing strategy, and the delegation of tasks amongst each team member. Students commented on their enjoyment of working in teams and that they enjoyed the freedom to choose an event of their choice. The final task was for each team to present their idea to a panel of judges who selected one winner. The winning team received £100 for their school.

Beacon trainers were on hand throughout each task prompting the students to think further about their ideas and to also make them aware of issues that they were not considering. Teachers from the schools were also on hand throughout the event Brenda Austin from Queens School said that the event was “a fantastic opportunity to see all of the students 100% engaged and working as a team with such enthusiasm.”

Wenta regularly run various Beacon challenges at the Business Centre on Colne Way, Watford. Wenta’s chief executive Chris Pichon said, “We believe the programme is highly successful and beneficial to all of the schools that take part and, in time, the development of business in the Watford area, as our future lies in the hands of these students.”

A Beacon education event for your school can help to develop business and entrepreneurial skills. All of our Beacon programmes can be customised to suit your current teaching curriculum; The Beacon events are delivered to students at KS2, 3 and 4 to higher education age.

For more information on Wenta’s Beacon Programmes or if you would like to plan a Beacon for your school please contact us.

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