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Your employee appraisal system and how to review it: a Wenta case study 

09/05/17 - Yvonne Mountain 
Good, bad or indifferent: no matter the size of the organisation there will undoubtedly be some form of appraisal system in place. Here is how we are changing things up at Wenta. 


5 Reasons why your small business must be online 

27/04/17 - Liza Armstrong 
According to the Office for National Statistics: 'Regular internet use continues to rise with more than 8 in 10 people going online almost every day', If that’s not a compelling enough reason to get your business online here are five more.

Video marketing for small businesses – 7 ways to include video in your marketing mix [infographic]

11/04/17 - Charlie Smith 
Video plays a vital role in marketing a modern business. Here are 7 ways you can easily include video content in your marketing and communications.

Big Issue for Small Business Part 3: How do you become a better marketer? 

28/03/17 - Kelvin Golding 
Many small business owners do not understand what marketing is and how it can transform their organisation. Here are my tips on how to better your marketing.  


Big Issue for Small Business Part 2: Does marketing work for small businesses? 

14/03/17 - Kelvin Golding 
A Chartered Accountant once shared with me their perspective on marketing: "There are only so many pennies in a pound you can save; marketing creates value. Often businesses are so focused on saving pennies that they are losing pounds!"


Big Issue for Small Business Part 1: What is marketing?

07/03/17 - Kelvin Golding 
According to recent research by The Telegraph Media Group, one of the biggest issues facing start-ups & small businesses is Marketing. But what is marketing? Eight out of ten small businesses incorrectly define it as sales or advertising


Video marketing for small businesses – 6 tips for an engaging video

23/02/17 - Charlie Smith 
Video is widely considered a vital part of any marketing plan. However, it is a medium that many aren’t utilising fully to gain benefits from. Here are 6 tips to dramatically improve the quality and entertainment value of your next production.

In praise of the humble notebook

24/01/17 - Alex Shoobert 
The notebook is a tool many of us, if not all of us, have utilised in our lives. However, with the plethora of IT solutions now available to us, the humble notebook is in danger of being overlooked.


#IGave13: 13 tips to grow your #smallbiz

13/01/17 - Liza Armstrong
Today is #MicroBizMattersDay, a celebration of micro businesses across the country to encourage a good year for small business growth. Here are 13 top tips on how you can grow your small business. 

New year, new you - 10 tips to help you start a new career 

10/01/17 - Sharon Gaffney
One of the biggest decisions you can make is to change your career. It becomes a more important decision when you decide to work for yourself.

Working alone - the good, the bad... the lonely? 

13/12/16 - Geraldine Puttock 
Running your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do, however, it can also be one of the hardest and most lonely. 


A customer's journey in The Enterprise Centre, Potters Bar

29/11/16 - Ellie Bradley
As Centre Manager, my job is to manage the relationship between all our different types of clients. Here is a story I am particularly proud of...  

6 Reason why business networking could be right for your business

15/11/16 - Liza Armstrong
The next time you get invited to a business networking event and you start to fill with dread, think again.

Could you turn your dreams into reality?

01/11/16 - Charles Shun
Many of us have enjoyable hobbies that fit around our full-time and part-time jobs, but have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a business? 

3 P's for perfecting your presentation skills

18/10/16 - Michael Niles 
To many, public speaking is very intimidating but it is a skill that can be acquired. Here are some suggestions and tips to make presentations easier.

The DIY guide to SME video marketing: Part 5 

07/10/16 - Charlie Smith 
The final stage of your video - post-production, editing and exporting. 

The DIY guide to SME video marketing: Part 4

06/10/16 - Charlie Smith
Time to shoot the video! How to film great video content on a low budget.  

The DIY guide to SME video marketing: Part 3

05/10/16 - Charlie Smith
Pre-Production and planning your video, a vital step to making the best video you can. 

The DIY guide to SME video marketing: Part 2

04/10/16 - Charlie Smith
Budget video equipment for your own marketing video: the essential checklist.  

The DIY guide to SME video marketing: Part 1 

03/10/16 - Charlie Smith
Video marketing’ is currently one of the most prominent buzzwords in the SME community, touted as something all businesses must get involved in or face irrelevancy. 


How to keep learning when you're your own boss 

27/09/16 - Alex Shoobert
Successful entrepreneurs know they need to keep up-to-date with the fast-changing world of business

5 tips for creating killer copywriting 

20/09/16 - Jennifer Condon
Here are 5 tips I keep in mind when writing marketing copy. Use them next time you're writing to make your copy come alive. 

The Business & Technology Centre in numbers [infographic] 

13/09/16 - the btc Stevenage 
It's been a busy year at the btc.

Social media for small businesses: getting started in 7 steps 

06/09/2016 - Sebastian Bunford-Jones
If you are a small business owner, chances are you have been told time and time again how important social media is for your business. 

Welcome to the Wenta blog! 

05/09/16 - the Wenta team 
A warm welcome to our blog.