Beacon Enterprise

Organizing a charity event at the school is at the heart of this Beacon. Students are challenged to use their enterprise and innovation skills to plan a fundraising event for their school or college, competing in teams to achieve the most viable idea. Through a series of decision-making tasks, they consider how to create, organise and implement the event. Team working, project management and a competitive element make this an exciting and stimulating day, culminating in team presentations. Once the plan is finished, the team present back to a panel and the winning idea can be taken forward by the school or can simply be an exercise in event planning.

This is a great Beacon designed to equip the students with useful skills, in a number of cases the winning project has been adopted by the school and the students involved have been tasked with turning their idea into a reality. This can add a very different dimension to Beacon Enterprise that will add to and develop the students skillset further and be an excellent way to benefit a worthwhile charity.

  • Encourages creative and innovative ideas
  • Promotes financial management with the calculation of costs and how to keep them to a minimum
  • Develops an awareness of how to promote and market their event to their target customers
  • Provides an opportunity to learn about project management and time management
  • Allocating roles and responsibilities provides time for reflection of individual skills sets
  • Confidence building through team presentations to a panel of judges

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