Beacon Business

Beacon Business is a highly interactive session that introduces students 14+ years of age to self employment. Competing in teams in order to build the best possible business, the students present their idea to a group of 'Dragons' in order to win the overall challenge. Along with a better understanding of self-employment, students gain and practice skills that can help their development and employability.

Event Focus

Developing Skills in:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Presentation Planning
  • Finance
  • Innovation

This fits well into the curriculum supporting Business Studies GCSE or A level. As an additional option, Wenta can support the programme by delivering business studies lessons, the focus of which is building a business plan and cash flow to test the business idea’s financial viability.

However, this also stands alone as an event for all students to help develop and practice these essential skills.

Beacon Business Junior is also available for students aged 10-14 years of age. Working in teams of six, these young students develop a basic business idea from concept through to designing a logo, selling to customers and considering financial issues.

 For further details on Beacon Business please contact us.

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